I enjoy making you wonder what's coming next!

Only a sincere apology and donation for time wasted will ever get these Whackers another chance.

I have removed the names of those on the banned list, but you should know this:

I DO keep the phone numbers of those who stand me up and when you DO contact me again, there will be a $50 fee
for standing me up and half the money for this booking up front. No appointments without a valid phone number for me to call you back.

Stephanie the first FT Myers,FL was given yet ANOTHER chance, and NO CALL NO SHOW! Cell phone, I lost the #. He is on PERMANENT SHIT LIST !

John the Tile Guy from Ft. Myers on the PERMANENT SHIT LIST!!

Slaves - To be taken off this list: First you must beg forgiveness from Mistress. Next you will be expected
to pay a $50.00 fee for wasting Mistress' time. Finally, a $50.00 up front deposit will be required
IF you are granted permission to schedule another appointment. And this is a BIG "IF"!!


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