I call THIS picture, 'Deep Thought'! Swallow, slut.

Recommended Deposit:

INSIDE Florida     $50.00

OUTSIDE Florida   $100.00


  1. Advance Notice (Preferably One Day) REMEMBER! Regulars and Advance Appointments with deposits. Get Priority.

  2. TWO HR. Call AHEAD CONFIRMATION / CANCEL. If you make an apt. time, and fail to call the two hours ahead, to either confirm and get directions , or cancel, your Name and Number WILL be posted and given out to other Mistresses as a "Whacker".

  3. NO drugs or smoking in my Dungeon.

  4. NO sex Between you and the Mistress! DON'T ASK! Call an Escort Service.

  5. NO PHONE WHACKERS! If you are NOT serious about a session call a phone sex line and pay $2.99 a minute or more. Do NOT waste my time  and cell phone $$$.

  6. I will NO LONGER put gas in my truck and travel based on "Empty Promises" without deposits!

I enjoy making you wonder what's coming next!


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