"You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can Beat Him Repeatedly, with a Rolled up newspaper!"

Oh, how I'll LOVE watching you suffer for Me!

I LOVE turning handsome boyz into slutty girls!


Cross Dressing
Dildo Training
Golden Showers

Master Chan loves teasing and tormenting my faux-girls!

My partner, playmate and travel-companion Master Chan is also available to participate on request. His specialities include:

  • rope bondage,
  • extreme ball torture, and
  • He's now doing "sounds" too.

-- Service Opportunities --

I am no longer seeking any session bartering in exchange for services with one exception:

A versatile master handyman / carpenter, whatever, who is a TRUE submissive, preferably a crossdresser or sissy-slut.

NO "HOUSE BOYS"! Those are a "dime a dozen". Don't even waste my time by asking.

What I AM looking for...

A "UNICORN" this is a FEMALE slut/slave or a VERY feminine male transitioning to female. As mentioned before, I have a life partner, Master Chan. We are both Bi and prefer Females for pleasure. We would consider a live-in lifestyle position for the RIGHT "Unicorn" female subby who would be our private "pet" and family.

Send a written application to us to be considered for a meeting. Include your birthdate, physical description, and recent photo. What " scenes" you are most into. Previous service references. Whatever else you think we should know. Mistress Samantha LOVES to eat pussy, and fuck her sluts with a strap on. She also enjoys watching them pleasure Master Chan.

If our Unicorn is out there, we can't wait to meet her!

Click Here to Contact Us.

Mistress Samantha believes men are dogs and used to accept applications for lifestyle.
I have found there are no men worthy of lifestyle.


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