I LOVE taking embarrassing photos of my slaves!

Due to the tight economy, Mistress Samantha no longer insists on deposits for Her road-trip sessions. However She asks that you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Mistress also warns that NO reservation time slot is ever guaranteed unless you have sent a deposit. If another client comes along with a deposit for an appointment time you wanted and you've made no deposit... They win and you lose. It's that simple.

  1. If you've made no deposit, your appointment is subject to cancellation if you are late, or

  2. if you fail to confirm your appointment with a phone call at least 2 hours in advance, or

  3. if another client books the same time-slot with a deposit.

Sorry. There must be rules. That's what they are. No deposit? No appointment guarantee.

Mistress is now considering Her travel plans for 2015; but has not confirmed a travel schedule yet. She does plan to be in New Orelans in September. Beyond that, no other travel plans have been confirmed. However, She and Master Chan do travel once a month to Orlando and Tampa for local sessions. Although a deposit isn't required, the recommended deposit is $50.00. Your deposit guarantees your time slot. It can be sent after you make your reservation. The deposit is applied toward the cost of your session with an additional $150.00 due when you arrive for your session. Your deposit can be sent via Money Gram up to one day in advance of your session. Failure to keep your appointment forfeits your deposit. Failure to arrive may also land you on Mistress Samantha's Shit List.

Contact Mistress Samantha now to reserve a date and time for your session.

As in the past, Mistress will barter for plane tickets to places like NY, CA, AZ, CO, OR, and NM
Contact Mistress Samantha
  • I am seeking TRUE submissives in both Ft. Myers and Ocala, Florida or communities nearby to barter an existing play space for Me to use in return for monthly sessions.

  • Mistress is seeking a devoted slave, cross-dresser or sissy in San Diego, California or the general vicinity who is willing to barter for sessions every 2 to 4 months in 2015. The submissive will be expected to provide airline tickets in exchange for sessions.

  • Hawaii slaves are also wanted...

  • If you are interested in helping Mistress visit your area, please Contact Me!

Advance Booking Required & Deposits Recommended.
Deposits will be refunded if trip is cancelled.
Mistress / Master, and Sissy Sessions are possible
Males, Females, Couples, Crossdressers, Forced Fem, "T-*" and "Bi" clients are ALL welcome!
Experienced players and sincere novices invited to inquire.
Contact Mistress Samantha for details.

Additional details of Mistress Samantha's 2015 Travel Schedule will be posted soon.
Watch this page for updates!

Out of State Travel sessions no longer require a deposit. However a $50.00 deposit is recommended. Otherwise there is no way to hold your time slot. The other $150.00 is to be given at time of the session. The deposit is NON refundable, if you "change your mind". But if something happens on MY part that I can not be there for your session, your deposit WILL be refunded.

Have swamp boat, will travel...

Master Chan and I travel in Florida to the following cities, usually once a month. All appointments in these places must be arranged in advance:

  • Tampa, and

  • Orlando.
We also visit other Florida cities from time to time. A $50.00 deposit is recommended to arrange and hold a traveling session in Florida.

Mistress Samantha is available solo, or Master Chan is available to participate on request.

Contact me to schedule a Florida session.

I am also interested in visiting and working in many more places. Check with me to make it happen. Places of interest to me include:

San Francisco CA, IN, MT, AZ, UT
NC, ND, SD Call for details.

I will sometimes barter a session for plane tickets for worthy submissives.

I travel in Florida only in Fall and Winter. (Ocala, Cocoa, Miami)

Special arrangements can be made for visits to your city. Call for details.
DON'T ask me to "swing by" the airplane does not make pitstops at your house.
Put forth some effort and send a deposit and SHOW UP!
After all, haven't you been dreaming about it long enough?

In the past, there has been a problem, even with deposits being taken,
some slaves are not showing up. Remember, you get ONE chance with me.
Stand me up without a call, and you are DONE. Call someone else.
Time is valuable. DON'T waste mine! Chicken shit, bullshit, timewasting
will NOT be tolerated. If you were a regular and dare to stand me up once,
a deposit will be required to come back. NO EXCUSES!

I adore taking embarrassing photos of my slaves!

I love to travel and like to make it a "business trip"; but time is precious and air travel is stressful.

So I request and recommend a deposit for out of state sessions and in Florida.

- Remember my other slogan -


Recommended Deposit:

INSIDE Florida     $50.00

OUTSIDE Florida   $100.00

Contact me now if interested.


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